Sports Fields Maps

"The Fields" Sports Complex is located at 8938 Broadview Road "The Fields" is home to our baseball, softball and tee ball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, a pavilion and playground.

The Pavilion (PDF) located at "The Fields" is able to be rented throughout the year. The fee is $50 to rent the pavilion from dawn to dusk. Restrooms are on site. If you are interested in renting this facility, please fill out the facility rental contract (PDF)

Soccer game fields for spring 2020.  Munchkin soccer games and practices are held on the football field in the spring.


Practice fields for spring 202 for teams in the U9 and above leagues.

Spring Soccer Practice Fields

Practice fields for spring 2020 for teams in the U7 and younger leagues.

U5 and U6 soccer games and practices are on the football field in the spring.

2019 Spring soccer field

Provided are game fields for soccer, baseball and softball.  NOTE: the "B"/Munchkin soccer fields are not in use in the spring.

fields map 2013