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2021 Youth Basketball Season Information

Registration is currently open for youth basketball in Broadview Heights.  As of now we are planning on moving forward with the season with practices starting in November and games starting in January, running through March.   As you might imagine however, there will be changes to our program this season to comply with the ongoing mandates from the State and the Board of Health.  Some of these changes will be significant.

In order to have any season at all we are all going to have to be flexible and accept that this season will be different than any prior season.  Some of the changes we are planning to implement may not be popular, but they are necessary.

While we are still finalizing our changes and conferring with neighboring communities for consistency in our programs, in order for you to make an informed decision about whether or not to participate this year, we are outlining below the likely modifications to our program for this season. 

  • Practices will begin in November and end in December.  There will be no ongoing practices once the season begins.
  • All games will be played in a 4 vs 4 format instead of 5 vs 5.
  • Most games will be played on the weekends but some games will be played during the week.  
  • Rosters will be limited in size to a maximum of 6 players.  Friend requests will be considered when making teams, but no more than 6 players total will be allowed on any team.
  • Each player will be allowed only 2 attendees in the gym.  We will likely be issuing 2 tickets per game to each player that can be used.
  • The number of players and the number of attendees was determined by the maximum number of individuals that will be allowed in the gym at any one time in order to maintain social distancing and capacity limits.
  • Each team will have a maximum of two coaches.  Parent coaches will not count against a player’s two person attendance limitation.
  • All seating will be marked on the bleachers with a 6 foot distance between sections.
  • Additional attendees, siblings or others will have to comply with state regulations and will not be allowed to gather in the lobby, atrium or other basketball courts. 
  • There will be one half hour between game start times in each gym to allow for cleaning of the gym after each game.
  • Game start times in multiple gyms will be staggered to allow for entrance and exit at alternate times.
  • Masks will be required for all attendees, coaches and players on the bench.  Players on the court and referees are not required to wear masks. As per state guidelines, masks are mandatory when moving through the building. 
  • There will be no overtime play.  Games will end in a tie if time expires.

Finally and most importantly, the total number of registrations accepted for each section and for the program overall will be limited.  We simply cannot comply with the mandates and accept the number of participants we have historically.  We will do everything possible to get as many kids playing as we can, but it is likely we will not have a spot for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding.

11th and 12th Grade Basketball

For the past two years we have offered 4 on 4 basketball for 11th and 12th graders.  As of now, we are still determining if we will be able to offer this program this year due to changes in our program as a result of Covid restrictions.

If you are interested in forming a team, that team will be limited to 6 players on the roster and admission for spectators will be limited.

If you would like to form a team, please contact Gary Diehl at


(see below for sections and fees)

Basketball Online Registration


Have a question about basketball in Broadview Heights?  Chances are it's already been asked and answered many times.  Follow the link below to answer all your questions.

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Schedules, Scores and Standings

Basketball schedules, scores and standings will be posted on our basketball scoreboard pages.  Select the image below to visit the basketball scoreboard site.  You will be leaving the Broadview Heights city web site.

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Sections and Fees

Section 01: Boys 1st Grade
Section 02: Boys 2nd Grade
Section 04: Boys 3rd / 4th Grade  
Section 05: Boys 5th / 6th Grade  
Section 06: Boys 7th / 8th Grade  
Section 07: Boys 9th / 10th Grade 

Section 08: Girls 1st / 2nd Grade
Section 09: Girls 3rd / 4th Grade  
Section 10: Girls 5th / 6th Grade  
Section 11: Girls 7th / 8th Grade

* Section 13:  11th /12th Grade League.

Registration for the 11th / 12th grade league is by team.  Players will still register individually but must be part of a pre-formed team.  Team managers submit their rosters to the Athletics Manager prior to the end of the registration period.  Fees are the same for individuals as other basketball registrations.


Members $105  
Residents $110
Non-Residents $120