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Basketball Schedules

Registration for the Fall 2023/Winter 2024 recreation basketball will be opening soon. Check back for details


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Every Question You Could Ever Think to Ask About Basketball

11th and 12th Grade Basketball

We are planning on continuing our 11-12th grade basketball leagues this winter.

Teams participating in the 11-12th grade league are formed by the players themselves without any adult coaches.  The games are 4 on 4 games played Friday nights.  This may change somewhat due to the issues we are having because of the vandalism of our gym floor.

There is no limit to the number of players you can put on a roster but it is suggested you have no more than 8.

There is a limit of 6 teams in the league.  Once we have commitments for 6 teams, team managers will be asked to submit a roster and players on the roster will be asked to register.  There is no registration open until we have determined teams.

If you would like to form a team, please contact Gary Diehl at


Section 01: Boys 1st Grade
Section 02: Boys 2nd Grade
Section 04: Boys 3rd / 4th Grade  
Section 05: Boys 5th / 6th Grade  
Section 06: Boys 7th / 8th Grade  
Section 07: Boys 9th / 10th Grade 

Section 08: Girls 1st / 2nd Grade
Section 09: Girls 3rd / 4th Grade  
Section 10: Girls 5th / 6th Grade  
Section 11: Girls 7th / 8th Grade

* Section 13:  11th /12th Grade League.

Registration for the 11th / 12th grade league is by team.  Players will still register individually but must be part of a pre-formed team.  Team managers submit their rosters to the Athletics Manager prior to the end of the registration period.  Fees are the same for individuals as other basketball registrations.