When and where are games and practices?

Practices begin as soon as teams are formed.  Generally that is late November / Early December.  Most practices are held at the Broadview Heights Rec on a day and time of the coaches choosing.  Practice will generally be the same day and time each week although there may be exceptions.  Certain teams may have the option of practicing off site at one of the local school gyms.

Basketball games are played on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.   A final schedule of game days and times by league will not be available until mid December.

In general, games are played by age on the following days, however; THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Friday nights:  Boys 9-10 grade and Boys 11-12th grade

Saturdays: Boys and Girls 3rd grade through 8th grade ( younger teams play earlier)

Sundays: Boys and Girls 1-2nd grade

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