Our introductory archery course aims to instruct students of all ages on how to shoot as safely as possible, as correctly as possible according to well-established professional standards, and as accurately as age, physicality, and available equipment will allow. Our archery class boosts ability, confidence, respect, and discipline while having fun.  Classes are taught by Robert Schaefer, John Pfoh, and Maggie Fairchild.  They hold USA Archery Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor certifications. 

The class will meet once per week for 5 weeks. The first class will be at 6pm in our meeting room to review safety information. The 4 remaining lessons will be in our Auxiliary Gym. To shoot in class, students must wear CLOSED-TOED shoes and a long-sleeved shirt (nothing bulky). If you have long hair, it must be pulled up. All equipment will be provided.

For more information, contact Catherine Spera at

The first class of each session is MANDATORY for all students and parents of minors and will take place in our meeting room at 6 pm to review safety information.

Fees: Member $65, Non-Member $80

Ages 8 - 12:  5:00pm - 6:00pm 

Ages 13 - Up: 6:10pm - 7:10pm  

April 3rd - May 1st  (Mandatory Safety Meeting on 4/3 at 6pm)

May 15th - June 12th  (Mandatory Safety Meeting on 5/15 at 6pm)

July 10th - August 7th  (Mandatory Safety Meeting on 7/10 at 6pm)       

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