About Us


The Department of Engineering was established under Article V, Section 13 on November 4th, 2003. The Engineering Department is responsible for all engineering and inspections in connection with public works and inspections as well as all engineering and inspection as otherwise required by the ordinances of the City of Broadview Heights, Ohio. The Engineering Department shall have charge of making and preserving all surveys, maps, plans, drawings and estimates for public works and shall attend all meetings and perform all other duties consistent with his office and as may be required by the City Charter, by ordinance of the Council, and/or as directed by the Mayor.

Mission Statement

The City of Broadview Heights Engineering Department is dedicated to providing professional, well-organized, and cost effective municipal engineering services to the citizens of Broadview Heights as well as other Departments of the City. Our efforts are focused on providing a high level of expertise for designing/planning, advising, administering, and overseeing all public works improvements and subdivision developments. Our goal is to provide these services within the project budget and timeframe required while protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the Citizens of Broadview Heights.

Department Goals and Responsibilities

The Engineering Department is responsible for providing mapping, design services, project management, and construction contract administration for municipal public works projects. These project activities include improvements for roadways, bridges, sanitary and storm sewers, storm water management, water distribution lines and other civil engineering projects funded in the City's Capital Improvement Program, as well as any engineering work needed for other City Departments.

The Department manages and administers the annual programs and specific improvement projects for streets, sanitary, and storm sewer construction, surveying for municipal projects and traffic engineering. The Department also administers the Subdivision Regulations, preparation and review of Land Development Permits, Access Permits, Right of Way Permits, and State regulated sanitary and storm sewer regulations. The Department also maintains records of the sanitary sewer collection system, water distribution lines, subdivisions, roadways, bridges and City right of way. All public right of way improvements, privately or publicly constructed, are inspected by this Department. The Engineering Department has recently assisted with implementation of the City's GIS System and is dedicated to improving and protecting our City's infrastructure utilizing best management practices and introducing GIS based Asset Management.