Property Maintenance

International Property Code

The City of Broadview Heights has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code; The purpose of the code is to establish minimum standards necessary to make all property and dwellings safe, sanitary, and beneficial to the public welfare by selecting:

  • Measures to protect neighborhoods and communities from blighted and deteriorated properties
  • Authority to inspect properties and fix responsibilities for owners and occupants of properties, dwellings, and other structures concerning sanitation, repair, and maintenance


 Anonymous complaints about zoning violations or property maintenance can be made by calling 440-526-6864 or completing the online form.

Property Maintenance Issues

garbage and waste on private property

Garbage and Debris
Litter and debris cannot collect and remain on a property. Typical violations involve broken or dilapidated furniture, household products, construction materials, and other unsightly or unsanitary items

photo of bright light going in a mans room

Outside illumination shall be so placed as to shield excessive light from neighboring residential properties. Flickering, moving, or intermittent lighting is not permitted.

garage sale signs in the right of way

Right of Way 
Goods cannot be displayed within 20 feet of any public street or right of way.

fence falling down on property

Accessory Structures
All accessory structures, including garages, sheds, fences, retaining walls and swimming pools must be properly maintained and in good working condition.

an abandoned creepy house with broken windows and peeling paint

House Maintenance
House structure violations include broken windows, roof and gutter problems, missing wall siding and peeling paint.

 unlicensed vehicle parked in grass

Parking on lawns is prohibited. No inoperable/unlicensed vehicle can be stored or disassembled except in an enclosed structure.

ruler in grass measuring the length

Lawns - Property, whether improved or unimproved, including tree lawns, must be maintained free from weeds and plant growth in excess of 6 inches after May of each year. All lawn areas must be properly seeded and maintained on a continuing basis. Any obnoxious weeds, brush, stumps and other vegetative overgrowth must be cut down and disposed of properly.

Other types of problems may be reported to: