Animal Control

Animal Warden

Standard operating hours are between 7 a.m. and noon on weekdays. Contact the warden at 440-526-4254.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are kept in kennel for three to five days.

To claim animals, owners must pay a fee. If unclaimed, animals are given to Animal Protective League.

Nuisance Animals

Trapping animals is prohibited in Broadview Heights, except by licensed individuals. The animal warden utilizes a special “Have a Heart” trap; captured animals are humanely euthanized. Nuisance animals contained within a home are the homeowners’ responsibility.

   Municipal Deer Control Permit

Ohio Deer Hunting Season 
Deer archery: Sept. 28, 2019-Feb. 2, 2020
As outlined in Chapter 618.22 of the City Code of Ordinances, controlled deer hunting with bow and arrow or crossbow is permitted during the State of Ohio deer season on at least 5 acres of land. All hunters must obtain a permit in order to hunt within the City of Broadview Heights.  For any questions about the application process, contact Lisa in the Mayor's office at 440-526-3651 or email