Local Transportation  

Senior Transportation is essential for maintaining independence for those that are unable to drive and have no means of transportation. Broadview Heights offers shopping trips to Drug Mart, Giant Eagle, Marcs, and Meijers and the Loop Bus so seniors can stay connected.

To use our transportation services, residents must be a member.
Good News! *Membership is FREE! To become a member simply complete the online registration:
Online Membership Registration

Medical Transportation

The City of Broadview Heights uses STC for all medical transports. This is a free service for our members. Senior Transportation Connection (STC) provides comprehensive, coordinated and efficient transportation to seniors and adults who have mobility challenges due to age, lack of access, disability, frailty or inability to drive.  All applications must be approved by Human Services, for questions please call 440-526-4074.

STC will take you to a medical appointment, including dialysis, rehabilitation and treatment so you can remain independent, healthy and connected to the community.

 This Medical Transportation Service is FREE to members. For FREE membership information see below.

To Schedule a ride call:  216-265-1489

To avoid any charges, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. 
The city reserves the right to bill residents for trips schedule and not cancelled with 24-hour notice.