Gas & Oil Well Information

When House Bill 278 (PDF) passed in 2004, it took away all local control from cities, villages and townships and put the State of Ohio in control of regulating and permitting oil and gas well drilling anywhere in the State of Ohio. Broadview Heights was stripped of all authority to regulate the wells and enforce its Ordinance 18-98 (PDF). There are about 87 gas and oil wells in the city. 

Subsequent to this, the voters of the City of Broadview Heights passed the BILL OF RIGHTS (PDF)

The regulating agency is the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, phone: 1-614-265-6922

New research is being conducted regarding relationships between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water resources, and the potential health and environmental risks. During the month of October, 2011, a petition was circulated in support of a moratorium on fracking until the research is complete. It is important to note that all of our residents' water comes through pipes from Cleveland Water, not underground wells. 


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