Broadview Heights Youth Soccer

Soccer Update

As of July 1st, 2020 fall soccer is still on as scheduled.  Registration is currently taking place and will end July 31, 2020.  We are hopeful that there will be no disruptions to our season and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Thank you for your patience.


Still have questions about soccer in Broadview Heights?  Your question has probably been asked and answered many time before.  Follow the link below for all the questions you might have about soccer.

Every Question You Could Possibly Ask About Soccer.  Fall 2019 Edition.

Schedules, Scores and Standings

Indoor soccer schedules will be posted on our indoor soccer scoreboard pages.  Scores and standings are not kept for indoor soccer.  Select the image below to visit the indoor soccer scoreboard site.  You will be leaving the Broadview Heights city web site.

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Sections and Fees

Broadview Heights Parks and Recreation offers the following recreational soccer programs for children ages 4 to 15. The soccer season runs fall through spring with 8 games being played in the fall and 6 games in the spring. Soccer sections are arranged by birth year.

Birth Year
description section no.
member resident non member
2015 U5 co-rec
section 00
$55 $60 $70
2014 U6 co-rec
section 01
$55 $60 $70
2013 U7 co-rec
section 02
$80 $85 $95
2011 and 2012
U9 girls
section 03
$80 $85 $95
2009 and 2010
U9 boys
section 04
$80 $85 $95
2007 and 2008
U11 girls section 05
$80 $85 $95
2007 and 2008 U11 boys
section 06
$80 $85 $95
2005 and 2006
U13 boys
section 08
$80 $85 $95
2005 and 2006 U13 girls
section 09
$80 $85 $95
2003 and 2004
U15 boys
section 10
$80 $85 $95
2003 and 2004 U15 girls
section 11
$80 $85 $95

* The US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer have mandated that all soccer organizations in the US convert their age sections into birth year sections rather than school year or other dates. In order to comply with this mandate while also ensuring our players can continue to play in the leagues they have been in the past, Broadview Heights recreation and the Suburban Recreational Soccer League in which we play, have changed our age sections to more closely match our previous divisions.