Baseball / Softball Info for Parents

Below you will find information about the following:
  • Team Sports Registration Policy
  • Late Registration Policy
  • Link to Broadview Heights Fields map
  • Parent Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy
  • State of Ohio Concussion Law.

Team Sport Registration Policy

The Broadview Heights Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide one of the finest recreational athletic programs in the area. In order to maintain the quality of our athletic programs and organize teams in a timely manner, we have established the following registration policy for our team sports.


Players registering for an athletic program during the published registration period are guaranteed placement on a team for that season. Though NOT guaranteed, we will make every effort to accommodate special requests such as being placed on a team with friends or with a preferred coach.

No refunds will be given after the registration period. ( Note exception.) 

Late Registrations

Anyone attempting to register for an athletic program after the published registration deadline is not guaranteed placement on a team. That player will only be placed on a team if openings exist. Otherwise they will be placed on a wait list, and as openings become available, they will be called in the order their late registration was received.

Additionally, an automatic late registration fee will be charged on all registrations that are accepted after the registration deadline. The amount of the fee will be determined by the program and the age group.

Late Registrations/Special Requests

Following the published registration deadline, NO SPECIAL REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED.

Players will be placed on teams with available spots regardless of coach preference or "play with" requests.

League Changes

Players wishing to play in a league other than the one indicated by their age MUST submit a league change request form during the registration period. League changes are not guaranteed and players registering for their age appropriate league will be given priority over players requesting a league change into that league. League changes will not be approved or denied until after the registration period ends.

If the request is denied, a refund request will be accepted providing the registration took place prior to the registration deadline.

When and Where are Practices?

Practices will begin in early May depending on weather and field conditions. Generally teams will practice through may on one weeknight and one weekend day. Practices take place at "The Fields" sports complex located at 8938 Broadview Road. 

Click HERE to view the Map of The Fields

The Broadview Heights Parent Code of Conduct

By registering your son our daughter to participate in an athletics program in Broadview Heights, you are agreeing to abide by the Parent Code of Conduct below.

As a parent,

  1. I will remember that children participate to have fun and that the game is for the children, not the adults.
  2. I (and my guests) will follow the rules and regulation of the Broadview Heights Recreation Department.
  3. I (and my guests) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy at all times.
  4. I will not engage in any form of disrespectful conduct toward officials, coaches, players, fans or league representatives at any time.
  5. I will not engage in any form of harassment, taunting, booing, use profane language or gestures, toward coaches, players, fans or officials before, during or at any time after a sporting event.
  6. I will not post any derogatory remarks or commentary about the league, coaches, parents or players on any social media and I will not allow my child to do so.
  7. I will respect the officials and their authority during games. I will not verbally or through gestures question or criticize an official's call or decision even though I may disagree with it.
  8. I will respect and support my child's coach. If I have a concern I will not discuss it at the game field or in front of players or other parents, but will take the time to discuss it at an agreed upon time and location with a league representative present if necessary.
  9. I will not encourage any behaviors or practices that could endanger the health and well-being of the players.
  10. I will teach my child to treat other players, coaches, umpires and spectators with respect, regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
  11. I will promote the emotional and physical well-being of the players ahead of any personal desire I may have for my child to win.

Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy 

Our Parent Code of Conduct and Coaches Pledge have been put in place to encourage good sportsmanship and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved in the Broadview Heights youth sports programs.

Prior to your child participating in any of our programs we expect you to read these documents and familiarize yourself with what is expected of you as a parent and/or a coach.

On occasion, it may become necessary to take action to ensure that our Parent Code of Conduct and the tenets outlined in our Coaches Pledge are followed.

The Broadview Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to take the following actions if necessary:

  • If an official (referee, umpire, league representative) observes behavior from a coach, parent, fan or player before or during a sporting event that violates our conduct policies, that official may warn the individual or individuals that such behavior is unacceptable and must stop immediately. Failure to stop the behavior will result in an ejection from the event and the individual must leave the field or building immediately.
  • If in the opinion of the official, the behavior is significantly inappropriate, the official may demand that the individual leave the event without issuing a warning.
  • Failure by the individual to leave the event as instructed will result in a stoppage of play until the individual has left. Continued failure to comply will result in the authorities being called to remove the individual who may at that point face arrest.
  • Any instance where a coach, parent, fan or player is ejected from a sporting event will automatically be reviewed by the Recreation Director and selected league officials and may, depending upon the individual circumstances, result in a suspension from attending or participating in future events for a length of time to be determined.
  • Any activity violating our conduct policies that takes place after a sporting event or outside of the sports facilities will also be subject to the above review and potential suspension. Examples may include confronting an official, coach or player in the parking lot after a game, harassment of players at school or online, offensive, abusive or harassing emails sent to another parent, coach or league representative, etc.

If a situation arises necessitating any of the above actions be taken, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with the appropriate league officials to discuss the situation, present your point of view and make us aware of any mitigating circumstances.

State of Ohio Concussion Law

To the Parents/Guardian of all Broadview Heights Youth Sports Participants, In April of 2013, a new law went into effect in the state of Ohio that requires all youth sports instructors and coaches to complete concussion awareness training. It also requires that all parents receive a document prepared by the Ohio Department of Health that educates parents regarding the symptoms and treatment of concussions. Here is the link to the information required to be provided to all participants (provided by the Department of Health): Concussion Awareness. Please review this information prior to your child participating in any youth sports program.

Please know that we are enthusiastically supportive of this initiative. The safety of the participants in our programs is extremely important to us. Our staff, coaches and officials are in the process of taking the required training. Going forward, this information will automatically print out with every registration receipt. The information will also be posted permanently on our website.