Blue Thunder Swim Team

Blue Thunder Swim Team

This team will concentrate on fundamental principles of swimming in a competitive nature and build on their stroke techniques and endurance. We want to instill values and team spirit as they progress through the season. We will be offering this to all children ages 5 and up. All swimmers must be able to swim 1 length of the pool using the front crawl. During the Fall, Winter and Spring months, practices are for conditioning only and there will not be any swim meets.   Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

Age GroupDatesTimes
5-9 years old9/6 - 9/226:30-7:30pm
10-14 years old9/6 -9/227:35-8:35pm
5-9 years old
10/4 - 10/206:30-7:30pm
10-14 years old
10/4 - 10/207:35-8:35pm
5-9 years old 
11/1 - 11/176:30-7:30pm
10-14 years old11/1 - 11/177:35-8:35pm
5-9 years old1/10 - 1/266:30-7:30pm
10-14 years old1/10 - 1/267:35-8:35pm
5-9 years old2/7 - 2/236:30-7:30pm
10-14 years old2/7 - 2/237:35-8:35pm
5-9 years old3/7 - 3/236:30-7:30pm
10-14 years old3/7 - 3/237:35-8:35pm

Fees (conditioning): Member $70,  Non Member $80

Summer Swim Team—Please note we will have a few meets

Dates: June 7th - July 28th

5-9 year olds 6:30PM-7:30PM 

10-14 year olds 7:30PM-8:30PM 

Fees (swim team): Member $115, Non-Member $125