Court Arrival Procedure

Check In

On the date and prior to the time of your court appearance (listed on the bottom of your ticket), travel to Mayor's Court and:

  1. After entering the main entrance, sign in at the Front Desk. 
  2. Enter through the doors on the right of the desk and on your immediate left take the elevator (or stairs on the right) to the second floor
  3. When you exit the elevator, turn left and take a right at the first hallway.
  4. Please check in with the Clerk of Court before entering the Court Room.
  5. Be prepared to pay total fines and costs when appearing in court. Payments can be made in cash, check, or credit card only.

Sign In

You need to sign in 30 minutes before the scheduled court.

  1. Present your ticket, driver's license and/or photo ID to the clerk.
  2. Print your name and ticket number on "Sign-In Sheet."
  3. Wait until your file is pulled.
  4. Proceed to the Court Room and be seated.

Please note: Failure to show proof of insurance at the time of your appearance may result in suspension of your driving privileges and confiscation of your driver’s license.

Things to Remember

  • There is no smoking at any time.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in Court Room.
  • No hats are allowed in the Court Room.
  • Do not talk while court is in session.