Do Not Knock

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Pursuant to Ordinance #134-06, I am requesting that the residence listed below, of which I am an occupant, be listed on the Broadview Heights, Ohio "PEDDLERS/SOLICITORS DO NOT KNOCK REGISTRY". I understand that this information will be available on the City's website and for viewing at City Hall during normal business hours.
By checking the box above I am hereby providing my signature electronically.
This residence will remain on the list until the earliest of any of the following:
1) The City receives a written notification of removal.
2) The City receives notice that the person who submitted the form no longer occupies the premises.
Please allow 4 days for processing.
Note that solicitors are not REQUIRED to register at City Hall and may not be aware of the Do Not Knock Registry. Therefore, please PLACE A "NO SOLICITATION" SIGN ON YOUR DOOR TO DETER UNINVITED SOLICITORS. Ordinance 828.05 states that " person...shall call at any residence in the City which displays a no-solicitation sign..."
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