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Refund Request Form

  1. Broadview Heights Parks and Recreation Department
    • If the Recreation Department cancels a class or program, each participant will receive a full refund.
    • If a participant wishes to cancel or transfer their enrollment in a program: The request must be made 5 DAYS prior to the start of class or before the registration deadline for sports.
    • Participant has the option of receiving a full household credit or a refund processed in the same manner in which it was original paid (less a $5.00 administrative fee)
    • Memberships, Group Exercise Passes and Child Watch Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

    Except in the following cases: 

    • Medical reason and must be accompanied by a note from the participant’s physician.
    • Verified re-location of more than 25 miles from the recreation center.
    • Email additional documents to
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    Refunds will be processed in the same manner in which you originally paid.

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