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Snowman Gallery - Vote Here!

  1. City of Broadview Heights Snowman Contest Voting Page

    View the Snowman pictures and vote for your favorite Snowman. Please vote for one snowman for each category, Best Traditional, Most Creative, & Funniest.


  3. Lucky
    Lucky the Snowman

  4. Freeze
    Freeze the Snowman

    It took the force to build Freeze that tall!

  5. Best Friends
    girl and boy snowman

    Best Friends Duke and Celeste love to play in the snow!

  6. Mr Snowy McSnowerson
    Snowman with a boy and girl and a dog

    Mr. McSnowerson is the frostiest snowman you will ever meet! Drive down McClaren Lane and wave hello because he is really neat! Hurry to see him before the summer heat!

  7. Ben
    Four little kids standing by their snowman Ben

    Ben is a traditional snowman built with the first accumulation of 2021.

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