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  1. City of Broadview Heights Snowman Contest Voting Page

    View the Snowman pictures and vote for your favorite Snowman. Please vote for one snowman for each category, Best Traditional, Most Creative, & Funniest. VOTING BEGINS MARCH 1ST

  2. Snow House
    House made of snow bricks with two children

    Snow house- our snow house has a couch, a fireplace and a table topped with a cup of hot (cold) chocolate. We worked for hours Wednesday into when it got dark! (The daylight photos were taken the next day)

  3. Blaze the Monster
    A monster snowman with two children

    Blaze is ready for summer with his sandals on!

  4. Aliens
    A snowman that looks like an alien

  5. Mini
    Small snowman

    “Mini”...a miniature model of a snowman brooming up the remaining snow in our yard before he has to leave!

  6. Frostosaurus!
    A huge snow dinosaur

  7. Snow Shark
    a snowman that is a shark

    Camryn is 11 years old turning 12 next week She worked for a few hours yesterday building a snow shark. If you look close in it’s mouth it is eating a fish!

  8. Guardy the Snowman
    boys with 2021 snow fort and snowman

    Guardy the Snowman brought to life to serve as Guardian of the brotherly snow fort!

  9. Snowman Family
    A snowman family with six snowman

    Left to right- Daddy, baby, Mom, sister, grandma & grandpa.

  10. Up to SNOW good!
    a snowman with two little girls

  11. Luke Snowwalker vs Snowtrooper
    snowman that looks like Luke Skywalker & snowman that looks like Stormtrooper

  12. COVID Snowman
    Flat snowman laying on his back on the ground with two boys

    He can't stand it any longer.

  13. Jack Frost the Snowman
    Snowman with young boys and girls

  14. Drifter the Ice Fishing Snowman
    Snowman in a boat fishing

    "Drifter the Ice Fishing Snowman" out on the Broadview Lake catching some fish!

  15. Matey Snowman
    Snowman with a Pirate hat

    Aaargh! Ahoy me Hearties!

  16. New to the Neighborhood
    Snowman with three boys

    “New to the Neighborhood” with the Becka boys and their buddy

  17. Bernie Sanders Special
    Bernie Sanders Snowman and boy

  18. Stanley Family Snowman
    Snowman with a little girl kissing his cheek

    Victoria (4 yrs) is giving our newest snowman a kiss. She helped build this snowman in our front yard on McCreary Road. Not pictured, Michael and Jessica Stanley (Daddy and Mommy).

  19. Snow Bernie
    Snowman that looks like Bernie Sanders

    The best part about making him was that I had everything at home to do it! Large ski mittens and crayon-like chalk, Kitchen Bouquet put in a spray bottle to color and darken his face a little so it would show up, string cotton for hair, two large buttons for eyes.

  20. Cole Burr
    a snowman, girl holding her dog

  21. Bob the Snowman
    Bob the Snowman

    This is Bob the Snowman, whose hobbies include waving to cars on Twin Oaks and watching squirrels run around the yard. He's dying for some warmer weather!

  22. Princess Mousina
    Snowman by sled

    Princess Mousina of Broadview Heights is enjoying a snowy day full of sledding, hot chocolate and a good book.

  23. Happy Snowman
    snowmaw with a little girl standing by him

    Traditional snowman made by 1st grader Kelsey!!!

  24. Fred the Snowman
    four kids standing by their snowman

    Fred is Frosty the Snowman's long lost cousin!

  25. Ben
    Four little kids standing by their snowman Ben

    Ben is a traditional snowman built with the first accumulation of 2021.

  26. Mr Snowy McSnowerson
    Snowman with a boy and girl and a dog

    Mr. McSnowerson is the frostiest snowman you will ever meet! Drive down McClaren Lane and wave hello because he is really neat! Hurry to see him before the summer heat!

  27. Freeze
    Freeze the Snowman

    It took the force to build Freeze that tall!

  28. Best Friends
    girl and boy snowman

    Best Friends Duke and Celeste love to play in the snow!

  29. Lucky
    Lucky the Snowman

    Lucky is a Notre Dame student. He has Oreo eyes and buttons and a carrot nose.

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