How much is my ticket?

Click on the links below for information and fines: 

Traffic Offenses Page   

Traffic Offenses Fines & Costs Sheet  

Speed Offenses Page

SPEED Offenses Fines & Costs Sheet

To speak to our Clerk of Courts call: 440-526-4895 - PRESS # 4
The Clerk is unavailable to take calls while court is in session Thursdays 1pm-6pm. 

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1. Do I have to appear in Mayor’s Court?
2. What do I need to bring to Mayor's Court?
3. How much is my ticket?
4. How can I get a continuance?
5. How do I get married?

The Mayor performs weddings for residents of Broadview Heights. They are generally scheduled during business hours, Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30 pm, by appointment.    It is a short civil ceremony, held in the Council Chambers. A marriage license must be obtained from the Cuyahoga County Marriage License Bureau prior to the ceremony. 
To schedule a wedding contact the Mayor’s office at 440-526-3651.