Roadway Construction

 Interstate 77 & State Route 82 Interchange

The Interstate 77 and State Route 82 Interchange Project was awarded to Allega in September 2015 at a bid cost of $3,962,022 by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The project is located in the city of Broadview Heights in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. This project involves the widening of the eastbound lanes of State Route 82, as well as lengthening the turning lanes and a realignment of the southbound Interstate 77 exit lanes. Approximately 4,450 feet of State Route 82 from Ken Mar Industrial Parkway to Old Royalton Road/South Hills Boulevard will be planed and resurfaced. New traffic signals will be installed on a closed loop system at Ken Mar Industrial Parkway, Treeworth Boulevard and the Interstate 77 northbound and southbound exit ramps. This has been designed to accommodate the increasing traffic volumes of the area. Over the past several years, there has been significant development to this stretch of Route 82 and it will continue with the completion of the new MetroHealth Brecksville Health Center, scheduled to open in fall of 2016.

The project commenced in November 2015 with clearing and grubbing in preparation for the 2016 spring construction season while the drainage work will take place prior to the spring construction. Once construction starts, there will be expected lane closures daily during the off-peak hours. The eastbound lanes will be widened and the turning lane for the Interstate 77 northbound entrance ramp will be lengthened. Both Interstate 77 southbound exit ramps will be realigned and will be utilizing 12" Portland cement concrete. The southbound ramps are scheduled for completion by July 1, 2016 in anticipation for the 2016 Republican Convention. Integrated throughout the project are bio-retention areas. These are designed to be environmentally beneficial to the area using bio-swale soil and improving the water quality for Broadview Heights. By the end of the project, the bio-retention areas will be landscaped using deciduous shrubs, evergreen shrubs, perennials, grasses, annual bulbs, decorative gravel bands, aesthetic boulders, and designer fencing to enhance the overall look of the completed project.

The project includes drainage, earthwork, erosion control, traffic management, piping and pavement removal, subgrade and aggregate subbases, under drains, concrete paving, milling, asphalt paving, and full depth pavement repair and replacement. Allega has subcontractors for the landscaping, signals, new signage as well as guardrail and pavement markings. The project completion is scheduled for October 2016.