HTML League Change Form

City of Broadview Heights Parks and Recreation Department 

9543 Broadview Rd. 440-838-4522 Samuel J. Alai, Mayor Paula Horner, Director

 League Change Request Form 

Activity ___________________________Season / Year __________________ 

Any parent requesting that their child play in a league other than the league designated by their age or grade must do the following:

1. Register and pay for the appropriate league as determined by the league age /grade cut off.

2. Complete this league change form in it’s entirety.

All properly completed forms will be reviewed by the Athletics Manager and / or Recreation Director and approved or denied prior to the assignment of teams.

Should your request be approved and a balance then due, payment must be made prior to the start of the season. Any approval that results in a reduced registration fee will be refunded in the form of a credit to your account with the recreation department.

If the request is denied, a refund request will be accepted providing the registration took place prior to the registration deadline.

Participant Information:

Name _____________________________________________________________________________________

Birthday ____/____/____ Age (as of cut off date) ___________ Current or upcoming grade ____________

League Assigned _____________________________ League Requested _____________________________

League Played in Last Year / Coach _____________________________________________________________

Parent _____________________________ Phone ______________________ email _______________________

Note: Carpooling, convenience, to play with siblings, to play with neighborhood kids or to play for a particular coach are NOT valid reasons for a league change. 

Reason for League Change Request: _____________________________________________________________




Parent / Guardian Signature _____________________________________ Date _________________________

Request: Accepted Denied

Athletics Manager ________________ Recreation Director ________________ Date ________