Rainout Procedure

We will no longer be using the Rainout line. Instead, please sign up for text and/or email notifications from Rainedout.com. 

Broadview Heights Rainout Sign Up

Instructions to sign up for rainedout.com

For Texts: 

Text the number 84483 and the words below that correspond with your sport.

  • BVHfields for the most up to date info on our baseball, softball, tee ball and lacrosse   
  • BVHsoccer for all soccer field messages


For Emails:

Go to www.rainedout.com

  1. Click “receive messages”
  2. On the Find your Location page search for “Broadview”
  3. Under Preferred Results select:” Broadview Heights Parks and Recreation”
  4. Click “Continue.”  There is no cost to you
  5. Under the Sign Up tab, enter your email (or phone number)
  6. You will be sent a validation code. Enter it.
  7. Once you are subscribed to rainedout.com select which group(s) you wish to receive messages for.
    1. BVH Fields (for all baseball, softball, teeball and lacrosse) messages.
    2. BVH Soccer for all soccer field messages
  8. To unsubscribe, login to rainedout.com, you have to go through the validation code again.
  9. Click “unsubscribe” on the groups you wish to unsubscribe from.
  10. Done