Tee Ball Rules

download a PDF of the tee ball rules (PDF)

Game Rules 

  • All games will take place at the Broadview Heights soccer fields off of Lazzaro Boulevard No game score or league standings will be kept.
  • All team players will bat and play the field each inning.
  • Team up to bat will bat through their entire line up. Recommendation: Use the same batting order (1,2,3…) the entire season, but start with a different number each game so everyone gets to "go first". The kids will remember who they follow in the batting order, which keeps the game moving.
  • Take the field after the last person in the batting order has batted. Let the last batter and the runners on base run all the way around the bases after the last at bat.
  • Boys 5 Tee-ball must hit off the tee all season. Girls 5 to 6 and the boys 6 tee-ball must hit off the tee for the first half of the season (no coach pitch). The second half of the season at the coaches discretion, the coach can pitch 2 to 3 pitches ONLY, then the player must hit off the tee. Note: It will be very tempting to have some kids hit a pitched ball instead of the tee. Some parents will complain about it. But, it is in no one's best interest to do so. Don't do it.
  • Runners and batters advance one base at a time regardless of where the ball is hit. NO sliding!
  • Every player should have the opportunity to play all defensive positions. Recommendation: Assign players to a position for 2 innings at a time (instead of switching every inning). The kids seem to learn and understand the positions better when they stay there longer rather than bouncing them around to a new position before they really understood the one they just played. This also keeps the flow of the game moving.
  • Be sure to teach players not to throw the bat. Some kids may need reminders during the season.

 Game Coaches 

  • 2 to 3 coaches are permitted in the field to assist with positioning.
  • The pitcher and catcher (coaches) should be from the team up to bat.
  • A 1st base and 3rd base coach should also be used when batting. It's OK to have a 2nd base coach if you have someone.
  • Most Important! Bench Coach. A bench coach keeps the kids in the correct batting order and maintains control on the bench. A must!

Game Notes 

  • The focus of tee ball is to introduce the game of baseball by teaching the basic fundamentals of the sport. Batting,fielding, throwing, running the should be introduced. 
  • Keep the games moving. Have your positions and batting order predetermined and keep kids hustling on and off the field.
  • Don't be afraid to instruct during the game. These kids learn something new on almost every play.
  • Encouragement and positive reinforcement is crucial at this age. Recommendation: Discuss this with parents and ask them to cheer, but not yell instructions during the game. This only confuses the players when more than one person is yelling (sometimes different) instructions at them when they are playing.