Facilities/Room Rentals


RESERVATIONS/APPROVAL: Renters must fill out a Facility Rental Contract at least two weeks prior to date requested.  Applications are to be turned in to the front desk at the Recreation Center.  You will be notified by phone when the application is approved.  Payment for rentals can be made upon approval and is due at least one week prior to your scheduled rental.  Rentals are subject to availability. Please feel free to call ahead to check availability.  Recreation Department activities have priority in scheduling over rentals.  The Recreation Department reserves the right to reject any rental for any reason. 

EQUIPMENT: Rentals include table and chair set-up by our staff. 

SET UP/CLEAN UP: Renters are permitted 15 minutes prior to the rental start time for set-up and 15 minutes after the rental end time for clean up.  Clean up is the responsibility of the renter including: removal of all decorations, debris, food, etc. from the tables, chairs, counters, and floors.  All items brought in by renter must be removed or discarded at the end of the rental period.  The rented facility must be returned to the condition it was in prior to the rental or you may be held responsible for additional cleaning charges.

FOOD & BEVERAGES: You are welcome to bring in food and NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages.