Mayor's Office

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City. He supervises the administration, is the chief conservator of the peace, and sees that laws and ordinances are enforced. The Mayor has the power to appoint, promote, transfer, reduce or remove any officer or employee of the City, except those elected.  He executes on behalf of the City all contracts and is the official and ceremonial head of the City.  The Mayor of Broadview Heights also serves as Safety Director.

Duties within the Mayor's Office

  • Disseminates information to the public through email, voice mail, and the website
  • Schedules City Hall meeting rooms
  • Handles applications for Do Not Knock listing, snow plow permits, Bow Hunting Permits, picnic permits, parade and assemblance permits, and block parties
  • Coordinates City events such as home days, tree lighting, Memorial Day parade, and Community Garage Sale 
  • Maintains and updates City Website & Electronic Board
  • Makes appointments for the Mayor as appropriate
  • Posts legal notices and RFQ/RFP's and accepts submissions
  • Handles routine public records requests or routes to specific departments as appropriate
  • Assists in the creation and issuance of Mayoral Proclamations.


photo of Annette Phelps, City Clerk

Annette Phelps

City Clerk
ph: 440-717-4021
Mayors Secretary Lisa Putka

Lisa Putka

Mayor's Secretary