The Knight School Chess Lessons

The Knight School Elementary Chess

Ages: 6-14

Schedule: Thursdays

Where: Meeting Room 2

When: 5:30PM-7:30PM

Session 2: 1/6-2/24

Session 3: 3/3-5/12

This isn't your grandpa's boring old chess club, this is your official chess team and chess pizza party! We have created tons of super-fun teaching methods, including fast, action-packed chess games, puzzlers for prizes, hilarious lessons, "tactics bands" kids can collect, and much more! Whether you're brand new to chess or already a pro, there's plenty to love as we laugh and learn and play our way to becoming devastatingly good at chess!

In this kid-centered classroom environment, we teach our kids every cool trick, strategy, and tactic in chessdom and our kids soon learn to love and master chess, their classroom, sports, and their home lives as well!

Upon enrollment, new students receive a TKS T-Shirt, chess set, chess bag, and all the colorful TactixBands they can earn! We’ll order pizza for every class, so dinner’s on us.

To enroll, please visit us online at!  

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By popular demand of parents tired of being crushed by their children, this weekly chess class offering is for adults only. Intended for complete beginners and novice players, this light-hearted approach is similar to the one that has transformed dozens of kids into state champions. Make friends and have a laugh as you learn the basics and take your first steps towards chess mastery.


Where: Meeting Room 1

When: 5:30PM-7:00PM

Session 2: 3/3-5/5

Fee: $150 for 10 classes