Leaf Collection

leaves in bags in a huge pile


Crews will start leaf collection on each section using the dates shown on the map. They will continue collecting piles from where they left off the prior day. Once that section is completed that week, if there is time, they will move on to the next section for the remainder of the week. See sections A, B, and C, on the Leaf Map.

If the collection went ahead of schedule, and crews came down your street early, DON’T FRET, the crews will abide by the original schedule and come back. For example: if on week one the crews finish section A, they will move on to section B.  On week two, they will go back to section B and start from the beginning of the route.

KEEP IN MIND, the leaf collection trucks double as snowplow trucks, and may need to be converted without notice due to snow.

During a snow event, leaf collection may be suspended

Prior to the start of and after leaf collection ends, leaves can be bagged and put out with the regular trash collection. 


  • Leaves should be placed NO further than 5 feet from the edge of the Road.
  • Leaves may be piled in rows as high as possible for easy clean up.
  • Do NOT place leaf piles under trees, around fire hydrants, or mailboxes.
  • Do NOT add branches, rocks, dog waste, or any other non-leaf debris into the piles, as this will cause damage to the leaf machines and delay the collection process.
map with the leaf schedule