Human Services

The Human Services Department provides information and assistance in identifying and accessing resources for older adults (60 years of age and older) and their caregivers. Many times, the Human Services Department is called upon to help seniors and their families when there is a change in health, finances or living arrangements. These changes make it necessary to obtain supportive services in the home or to evaluate alternate living options.

Other areas of assistance include transportation, nutrition programs, and support groups. The department strives to increase awareness of programs and services available to meet the needs of seniors. Depending on the information requested, a listing of resources, brochures, or other materials can be mailed. For information or to set up an appointment, contact Amy Washabaugh.

Goal & Mission
The department’s goal is to offer help to all residents who need support to maintain a quality of life and residency in our community and school system. Our mission, as established by the Human Services Advisory Board, is to:
  • Provide, develop, and cultivate social, psychological, and security assistance for the senior citizens and the needy of the community
  • Encourage and assist public and private agencies that provide human services in the city
  • Encourage volunteers to help others
Human Services Advisory Board
The Board consists of _____ members appointed by the Mayor; each serves a term of ___ years.  The Board meets at least monthly for the purpose of advising and assisting the Director of the Human Services Department in the establishment of policies and procedures with respect to prospective programs or activities deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of the Office. The Board shall also confer with the Mayor and Council relative to the establishment of programs designed to meet the human needs of the residents of the City.Human Services Advisory Board. 
Members as of