Do Not Knock

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Pursuant to Ordinance #134-06, I am requesting that the residence listed below, of which I am an occupant, be listed on the Broadview Heights, Ohio "PEDDLERS/SOLICITORS DO NOT KNOCK REGISTRY". I understand that this information will be available on the City's website and for viewing at City Hall during normal business hours.
By checking the box above I am hereby providing my signature electronically.
This residence will remain on the list until the earliest of any of the following:
1) The City receives a written notification of removal.
2) The City receives notice that the person who submitted the form no longer occupies the premises.
3) The expiration of five (5) calendar years expiring on December 31st from the date of the form.
Please allow 4 days for processing.
Note that solicitors are not REQUIRED to register at City Hall and may not be aware of the Do Not Knock Registry. Therefore, please PLACE A "NO SOLICITATION" SIGN ON YOUR DOOR TO DETER UNINVITED SOLICITORS. Ordinance 828.05 states that " person...shall call at any residence in the City which displays a no-solicitation sign..."
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